My First Vinyl Albums

I spent quite a lot of time at home during 2020, during the various Covid-19 lockdowns in Ireland and found that listening to music was a great way to relax. As my Dad was also working from home at the same time, I began to get interested in his music collection (from when he was around my age) which was mostly on vinyl records.

I thought that vinyl records were kind of cool as a music format and even though you have fewer options when listening to them (e.g. no pausing or skipping to the next track), the technology involved was pretty impressive for its time, so I got interested in owning some of my own.

It seems that, from talking to my Dad, your first vinyl records may become a topic of discussion later in life, where you might yourself being either very proud of or rather embarrassed by them. It was with this in mind that he bought me my first vinyl album for Christmas in 2020 (below).

Iron Man 2 (AC/DC)

This is a double album that was released in 2010 and was the soundtrack to the Iron Man 2 movie. I like AC/DC anyway and thought their music really suited the movie, and Tony Stark, and think the collection of songs on this album is really good.

Given that AC/DC have been around for so long and have stood the test of time, I think I should be OK declaring this as one of my first vinyl albums in years to come. If it turns out not to be so cool, I can always blame my Dad for it!

Fine Line (Harry Styles)

This is a double album that was released in 2019 by the former member of One Direction, who I  was a fan of when I was younger. It was a very different album to much of his earlier music as a solo artist and I really like it.

This is technically the first album I bought with my own money so it’ll probably be this one that I refer to when I’m asked about my “first ever vinyl album” in years to come.