Transition Year Cookery Project

As part of my Transition Year at school (2020-2021), I chose to try out some cookery and bakery classes that were run by my school. These would normally take every Wednesday at the school but due to Covid-19, they had to move to a virtual format. Our teacher chose to give us a project that involved making a starter, main course and dessert of our choosing, delivering one course each week for 3 weeks. Here is what I chose to make for each course, along with why I chose them and what I learned from making them.

Starter (Bruschetta)

For my starter, I chose to make an Italian Bruschetta. I like Italian food a lot and often choose this as my starter in restaurants (when they are open) so was curious to see if I could make my own.

I was surprised with how easy and quick this was to make and all of the ingredients were fairly easy to get (and not too expensive) in my local supermarket.

Main Course (Mexican Fajitas)

For my main course, I chose to try my hand at Mexican Fajitas. These are definitely one of my favourite meals at home so I was keen to try them for myself. There are lots of different ways to make these, with lots of different ingredients, and I went with the chicken ones.

Again, these were surprisingly easy to make and you can customise them however you want (e.g. use sour cream instead of salsa) to cater for fussy eaters.

Dessert (Belgian Waffles)

These are definitely one of my favourites, for breakfast, lunch or dinner and were the first item on my menu when the school project was assigned. I like them with all sorts of different toppings (e.g. Nutella, Maple Syrup or fruits) and choose to serve them with strawberries, raspberries and Nutella when I made them for my project.

The batter was particularly simple to make and they didn’t take any longer than 3 minutes to cook, so of all the items on my menu, these were the tastiest and most practical to make.